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It's where we began and now have achieved perfection. We even developed a unique design: the viewer can fold-up, much easier! The Google Cardboard certificate confirms the quality of Boxglass viewers
Making VR cardboards
with your branding
"Look, dinosaurs!" - more than 400,000 Dixie shoppers exclaimed, thanks to VR glasses created in collaboration with TCC Global
Burger King offered its little guests a tasty lunch and at the same time taking the first steps into virtual reality
Channel 2x2 with our help prepared 360 content and VR glasses for the animated series "Suspicious Owl"
Signature Boxglass glasses. Unique design and the most advanced printing capabilities: UV varnish, silk-screen printing, embossing, hot stamping, foiling, assembly of large quantities - that's all of us
Boxglass wooden glasses. You can also give a wealthy client to a friend - durable material
Branded cardboards for residential complex Osobnyak
Boxglass wood V3
Not only cardboard, but also wooden!
Surprise yourself and your loved ones with virtual reality made of wood

  • Support for screens up to 6 inches
  • Large 37mm in diameter lenses for larger field of view
  • Conductive Touch Neckline - Works with any phone
  • Already assembled
Our flagman model of our VR / AR glasses have an ergonomic design, comfortable fit and high-quality lenses with a 360-degree viewing angle. Boxglass is compatible with both Android and iOS gadgets. In order to move into the virtual world all that's needed is a smartphone and thirst for the unknown.
Branded cardboards
Half a million branded glasses have already gone to customers - now it's your turn. VR glasses turn your smartphone into a virtual reality device. This is a great way to wow clients on a modest budget.

The designers of our laboratory can design your glasses according to the brand book, in accordance with the corporate identity, or create unique illustrations for you. We also make presentable glasses packaging.
boxglass lab
We have a passion for construction, sports and education - that's why we have developed our own AR / VR solutions in these industries
Tool for remote communication between the developer's sales department and the client
VR simulator developed for fencers of all levels
Educational platform based on AR / VR solutions
Your brand in immersive reality
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